Arturo Anci


Arturo is the co-founder and artist of Somber Pixel. He has been a pixel artist for several years and has a deep attachment to this style of drawing. He is a multifaceted artist and enjoys exploring new forms of art. He loves to play Hollow Knight.

Adolfo Jungbluth


Adolfo is the co-founder and programmer of Somber Pixel. He is a programmer by nature and is passionate about his job. The keyboard keys have already joined his fingers. He enjoys programming all kind of stuff, specially videogames. He loves to play La-Mulana.

Denki (@___denki)


Denki is the composer of Somber Pixel. He has an innate ability to capture emotions in each of his melodies. He always comes up with great ideas and is also really skillful in the software development area. His main weapons are his piano and computer keyboard. He loves to play Super Monkey Ball 2.

Sol Sánchez


Sol has joined the party! She is a great programmer who loves to create new worlds and stories. Her cheerful personality really improves teamwork. Did we mention she is extremely organized? That must be considered a superpower nowadays. Her favorite game is The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series.