Somber Pixel
Based in Lima, Perú

Founding date:
March, 2015


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Somber Pixel was founded in 2015 by pixel artist Arturo Anci and programmer Adolfo Jungbluth.


Early history

During that time, Arturo Anci was a Systems Engineering student but loved to develop videogames during his free time and learned how to draw pixel art to achieve this. On the other hand, Adolfo Jungbluth was a Computer Scientist student and was involved in anything related to coding or videogame development to improve his skills. Both had a great passion for videogames and shared the same dream: To be able to develop meaningful games and experiences for different players around the world. They decided to create Somber Pixel officially.

A lot of ideas and prototypes were developed by Somber Pixel but due to daily life responsibilities it was almost impossible to have a full-time development. Both Arturo and Adolfo had a daytime job and university took the rest of their time. Time passed and University was now over. Both Arturo and Adolfo were working on software companies and learning a lot about that world. One day, they decided to go full time with Somber Pixel and achieve their dream. Thankfully, both were now more skillful and had learned a lot from their working experience and through years of game development.

Later, they contacted their third member, a Software Engineer who is very talented with music composition: denki. They knew him from university and has always shared the same passion for videogames. They decided he would be the one helping with all the audio requirements and it has worked great so far. Recently, a fourth member has joined Somber Pixel: Sol Sánchez. She is a computer scientist and a longtime friend from the same university as the rest of the team. She is a really skillful programmer and has the same vision and passion as the rest of Somber Pixel. She had been working in another game studio but has joined Somber Pixel on this adventure. Many talented minds also participate in Night Reverie’s development such as Nadir Chioino, an amazing writer who helps the team in enriching the game’s narrative and characters. Somber Pixel released Night Reverie: Prologue on November 2020 on Steam and achieved really positive reviews.

Night Reverie is the steppingstone for many game projects they have in mind. It is being developed with a lot of detail and hard work every day. Every animation frame, line of code and music note is being created with passion and dedication. Game development is complex and every member in Somber Pixel team is passionate in working together and deliver memorable experiences to players around the world.



Night Reverie - Launch Trailer | Steam YouTube

Night Reverie: Prologue Trailer YouTube


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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Arturo Anci

Adolfo Jungbluth

Sol Sánchez

Denki (@___denki)


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